About Us


Espresso Cycles was designed with the cyclist in mind. Our purpose is to provide you with the tools you need for a successful ride. Whether it is new equipment, a fix to your bike, or a caffeine jolt, we will get you on your way.


Espresso Cycles combines the joy of cycling with the social environment of a coffee house to create an atmosphere that is welcoming to all those who have an interest in the cycling culture. Our goal is for Espresso Cycles to become the place people come to when they want to hang out and talk about cycling. As cycling advocates ourselves, we love meeting new people and talking about a topic that gives us such joy. We are very passionate about cycling and want to share that passion with our customers.


So if you have a problem with your bicycle or are in need of something to enhance your biking experience, we will use our expertise to come up with a solution. If you have no problems, that’s OK! Come on by, have a coffee and talk shop with us.


Why Espresso Cycles?


Ask any professional cyclist, and they will tell you that cycling and coffee are very complimentary. It is a must have before any race, sometimes even during. Cyclist, during the Tour de France, would often have a quick espresso as they passed through a village to give them that extra jolt to keep going. Coffee has always been so integrated into cycling that some competitive teams were sponsored by coffee companies.


Coffee is a huge part of the cycling culture, and we want to bring that ideology to Toronto. We want people to take the café atmosphere and capture that social experience inside of a cycling shop. Whether it’s the double espresso buzz before a training ride or a social cappuccino while kicking back with fellow club mates, we want our customers to view coffee as the perfect accompaniment to any type of ride. We take the two things that we love most and provide it for you in one stop.


Who Created Espresso Cycles?


Victor is the owner of Espresso Cycles.  He opened the store with the idea of creating a place where cyclists can meet and talk.  Cycling is his passion and something that he wants to share with others. When you come to his store, you can expect a give-it-all attitude and know that you are in the right person’s hands.  He has a wealth of knowledge and wants to share it with his customers so that they can enjoy cycling as much as he does.