Tune Up Pricing

BASIC TUNE UP $40.00basic
• Adjust brakes, including pad alignment and cable tension
• Adjust gears, including derailleur alignment and cable tension
• Lubricate chain and pivot points
• Safety check
• Check and adjust tire pressure
• Road test
(Please note that installation of parts is extra)


PRO TUNE UP $70.00sevice3

Includes all of Basic Tune Up plus:

• Full drive train clean (DTC)
• Inspection and adjustment of wheel, crank and headset bearings (where
• Truing both wheels
• Complete bike Cleaning
(Please note that installation of parts is extra)


OVERHAUL $199.00sevice2

Includes all of Pro Tune Up plus:
• Full overhaul and repack of all bearing systems (where Applicable)
• Removal and deep cleaning of Cassette, derailleurs, chain, drive side
crank and chain rings
• replace all cables and housings

Parts are extra.

Other Services


Brake pad replacement $15.00

Brake adjustment front or rear $10.00
Cable replacement $15.00



Wheel truing $10.00 and up

Spoke replacement $25.00 for the first one, $5.00 for each additional one, includes truing
Wheel cones adjustment $10.00
Wheel cones repacking $20.00
Flat tire $10.00 and up, labour only.



Derailleur adjustment front or rear $10.00

Install/replace cassette/freewheel $15.00
Headset repacking $20.00
Install fenders $20.00
Install chain or pedals or racks $10.00
Install cyclocomputer $15.00
Bar wrapping $20.00
Brake bleeding (includes fluid) $35.00
Bike assembly $65.00
Wheel building $70.00 and up
Bike packing $50.00 (includes box)


Shop labour rate $60.00 per hour


Estimates are FREE.

All prices do not include tax.